Past Issues

Issue 15 - The Buck Twins


Inside US - $12

Outside US - $20

Feature Interview - Dan & Dave Buck

John Lovick talks with the Buck twins about how card flourishes have changed their lives and what they're going to do next!


Jon Armstrong - Small Things, BIG DIFFERENCE

More gambling moves - the second deal.

David Kaye - Kid Show FUNdamentals

David pours his heart out about the Milk Pitcher.

Roy Kueppers - Be My Guest

How to repair a flipper coin.

Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home)

What to do with a gaffed card.


Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts

Wayne reviews Paul Romhany and Wayne Houchin's new DVD's.

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

Tricks that I didn't think I'd like.


Wayne Houchin - "French Kiss"

from Art of Magic published by Wayne Houchin

Paul Romhany - "8 Ball Production"

from Lunch Date published by Paul Romhany

David Roth - "Custom Coin Box"

from Stars of Magic #9 published by Murphy's Magic

Jason Wethington - "Okito Box Routine"

from Tied published by Jason Wethington & Will Cobble

Move Monkeys:

Jimmy C - "The Shifter"
Yenick LaQuoix - "Muscle-Pass Coin Production"
Pete Macabe - "The Blow-Off"

Reel Magic News

NEW CONTENT EVERY TUESDAY! In this week's finale of Issue 53 of Reel Magic, Guy Hollingworth talks to John Lovick about his trailblazing career as a performer and innovator.
The seventh installment from Chapter 8 of J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic Interpreted by Curtis Kam.
New this time: Three & Three and the Chinese Money Mystery!

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