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One of France's greatest magical exports, Boris Wild shares his No Marked Deck Lecture.

During this nearly two-and-one-half-hour lecture, Boris teaches:

  • 10 Max - A betting game using 10 cards and five bills.
  • Show-Off - An effect where one card keeps turning over until the entire deck turns over.
  • Double Personality 2 - An effect using two decks where the same cards end face up in both decks, then switch places.
  • Symbiosis - Another double-deck routine, this time two spectators name a number and the same card shows up at the selected numbers in the two decks. The matching prediction sends this routine over the top!
  • Miracolor 2018 - A color changing deck routine like none you have ever seen before.
  • Wild Wild Card - A routine that combines all backers, Triumph, and Wild Card, where the all back deck ends up being all the same card! This routine features an explanation of Boris' Kiss Count that replaces Brother John Hamman's Flushtration Count.

This very special lecture from Boris Wild is a must-see!

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