Past Issues

Issue 33 - Dan Sperry


Inside US - $12

Outside US - $20

Feature Interview - Dan Sperry

Dan talks with Kozmo about why magic isn't cool and his experience on "America's Got Talent.".


Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U

Kainoa talks about the 4th dimension and performs what he calls, "an easy coin routine."  Explanation included!

David Kaye - Reel Comedy

David introduces a new product for tacky hands.

Simon Lovell - Ask Simey!

Simon answers, "What do you think about performing mentalism?"

Christian Painter - Mindtripping

Christian teaches a great business card mentalism routine.

Bill Wisch - Wisch on Slydini

Bill teaches Slydini's wonderful Red Black Shuffle.


Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts

Wayne reviews the latest magic instructional DVDs.

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

David gets his sexy on with some tricky DVDs.


Eric Jones - "Surrogate"

from Liberty 2 by Eric Jones

Dan Tong - "Okito Box Routine"

from KozmoMagic

Gregory Wilson - "Muscle Pass"

from School of Cool by Big Blind Media

Move Monkeys:

James Dennis - "Twister"
Zach Lambert - "Swing-Cut Cop"
Mike Powers - "Double Lift from Center"

Reel Magic News

NEW CONTENT EVERY TUESDAY! This week: Episode 9 of Apocalypse Now! with Rudy Tinoco featuring Two-Faced by Sid Lorraine!

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