Yigal Mesika

Past Issues

Issue 25 - Petty & Penn


Inside US - $12

Outside US - $20

Feature Interview - Dave Penn & Craig Petty

Kozmo talks with David Penn and Craig Petty about their show as well as the failed "magic-off" with Justin Miller.


Jon Armstrong - Sessions, Las Vegas Pt. 2

Hank Miller talks with Jon Armstrong about his false shuffle.

David Kaye - Kid Show FUNdamentals

David asks famous magicians, what have you learned from doing kid shows?

Simon Lovell - Ask Simey!

Simon answers your questions, this issue - bizarre magic.

David Roth - ROTH!

Roth explains his freely chosen fugitive coins.


Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts

Movies and magic with The Minotaur and Deceptions Vol. 1

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

Says he’s NOT BUYING IT! Literally! Tricks not worth the money.


Shawn Farquhar - "S.T.E.P. Project Vol. 1"

a Reel Magic exclusive!

Dave Forrest - "One More Thing"

from "Deceptions Vol. 1 - Full 52 Magic" by Dave Forrest

Dan Harlan - "Glass Backwards"

from "The Minotaur - Anatomy Magic" by Dan Harlan

Move Monkeys:

Marcus Eddie - "Nevermore"
Noah Greene - "Trap Change"
Blake Vogt - "Dakota Fanning Control"

Including the .pdf file, Magicseen, a European publication.

Reel Magic News

NEW CONTENT EVERY TUESDAY! In week three of George Tait: Unleashed!, George teaches "Haystack".

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