Issue 19 - Road to Beijing


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Feature Interview - China

Kozmo gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the performance tour 5 FISM winners took through China.


Jon Armstrong - Sessions, Los Angeles, Pt. 2

Jon and his friends discuss the Himber Vanish.


Banachek discusses the minor details that make pocket writing work.

David Kaye - Reel Comedy

Magicians Gone Wild!

Simon Lovell - Simon Said It!

Simon says - "Are magic clubs good for magic?"

Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home)

Garrett is going full tilt with this move!


Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts

Wayne reviews a book - the Best of all worlds!

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

Cheap, but good!


Jon Armstrong - "Out of This Blah, Blah, Blah"

from ArmStrongCardMagic by L&L publishing

Gary Jones & Chris Congreave - "Nearly CAAN"

from DUPES by Big Blind Media

Eric Jones - "Eye Candy"

a Reel Magic Magazine EXCLUSIVE!

Move Monkeys:

Shin Lim - "Blink"
Losander - "Trained Business Card"
Blake Vogt - "Flip-Flop Change"

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