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Issue 28 - Josh Jay


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Outside US - $20

Feature Interview - Josh Jay

Josh Jay talks with Adam Ruben about the creativity, selling magic and working with HBO.


Jon Armstrong - Sessions, Las Vegas Pt. 4

The last Las Vegas Sessions is a double feature with both Hank Miller and Carl Hein.

Simon Lovell - Ask Simey!

Simon answers your question, "In what order should I put my tricks?"

Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home)

Garrett and Mathieu Bich discuss how to take CRITICISM!


Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts

Reviews David Acer's book More Power too You! and John Carey's 24 Seven DVD.

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

Dang! That's Cool! David reviews some cool tricks.


David Acer - "Overtime"

A Reel Magic Exclusive! from his new book More Power too You!

Josh Jay - "Salt & Peppa"

From Handpicked Astonishments - Vol. 1 by Paul Harris Presents

Jim Loscutoff - "Rising Card"

A Reel Magic Exclusive!

Move Monkeys:

Steve Bargatze - "B.P."
Lou Carreon - "Fancy B.P."
Kenny Shelton - "KLS Cut"

Including the .pdf file, Magicseen, a European publication.

Reel Magic News

NEW CONTENT EVERY TUESDAY! In week three of George Tait: Unleashed!, George teaches "Haystack".

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