Newly Expanded: Coins 101



Kainoa Harbottle teaches you the fundamentals of coin magic in the newly expanded Coins 101.

In this 6-part series, Kainoa pulls together all of the basic material you need to become a coin master. Included in this Reel Magic On Demand exclusive:

  • The Basics - Tips on choosing coins that are right for you; instruction on finger palm, the click pass, shuttle pass, and utility pass; and putting these techniques together in a simple routine.
  • Classic Palm - In-depth instruction on the classic palm, how to hide thumb movement when classic palming, as well as "wipes" and a routine that combines all of the methods introduced so far.
  • Copper/Silver - You will learn switch techniques and two routines that will allow you to perform outstanding copper/silver transformations.
  • Copper/Silver Coin - Coins 101 moves to instruction using the copper/silver coin gimmick. You will use all of the techniques you have learned thus far in three new routines!
  • The Expanded Shell - Kainoa discusses shopping for a shell, the proper techniques for nesting and un-nesting, and teaches two new routines using the expanded shell.
  • Ready For What's Next? - Once you have mastered the fundamentals, it's time to up your game with in-depth instruction on the retention pass, the toss vanish, thumb palm, J.W Grip, Downs Palm, edge grip, nowhere palm, the heel steal, the muscle pass, and jumbo coin work!

As Kainoa says, "Coins 101 is the Bobo's I wish I had when I was learning. It's all the fundamentals of coin magic in one place." Enjoy!.

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