Subscribing to Reel Magic Magazine

There are many great ways to enjoy Reel Magic Magazine!  Here's a breakdown of the benefits of each:


Reel Magic Magazine ON DEMAND allows you to watch the magazine anywhere in the world on any computer, tablet or smartphone (that has a data plan or connects to the internet).

For just $7 per month (billed via autopay like Netflix or Hulu), you will have access to the entire Reel Magic catalog and will be able to instantly view new issues as they are released.

That's all past and future episodes of Reel Magic and exclusive ON DEMAND BONUS content for as long as you subscribe!


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Take your Reel Magic experience to the max! Enjoy the benefits of both versions (DVD & ON DEMAND) with Reel Magic Max.

For just $10 (billed via autopay), you will have access to everything Reel Magic Magazine has to offer.

That's each DVD (beginning with the next issue after subscription) and every past and future issue (including BONUS material) from Reel Magic On Demand (for as long as you're a subscriber)! It just doesn't get any better!


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